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August 2020


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Feb. 17th, 2030

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May. 4th, 2019

bullet point history

⦿ In 2004 Stiles' mom, Claudia died suffering from frontotemporal dementia. Before her death, she used to think that Stiles was trying to hurt her, which wasn't true. It was dementia messing with her mind. Stiles was also alone with her in the hospital room when she did pass on.

⦿ During his Sophmore year, Stiles dragged his best friend, Scott out into the woods because of his morbid curiosity. Instead of finding the dead body he had heard about over the police scanner, he ended up getting caught by his dad, the Sheriff of Beacon Hills. He acted like he was alone and Scott was able to get away. Too bad he ended up getting bitten by a werewolf. Stiles ends up figuring out what happened and after that, he is the one who helps Scott deal with the whole werewolf thing and every other supernatural thing that goes on in Beacon Hills.

⦿ When Stiles, Scott, and Allison sacrificed themselves so that they could find their parents, they not only helped power up the Nemeton, but they unwillingly helped a dark kitsune escape its imprisonment since it had been buried under the Nemeton. Not only that, but the sacrifice had left a passageway to their minds, kind of like a door that’s ajar. That vulnerability made it easy for the Nogitsune to sneak in and take control. At first, it looked like Stiles was falling ill like his mother had, but it had been the Nogitsune. Stiles tried to fight it once they knew what was going on, but in the end, he had to give up the fight to save Malia. Even though he had no control over his body anymore, he still knew what was going on while the Nogitsune hurt his friends and caused chaos left and right. Eventually, he is saved, but for a long time, he carried the guilt of everything that the Nogitsune had done while in control of his body.

He did start to investigate the Desert Wolf, who is Malia's biological mom. The only thing they had on her was that she was an assassin. While looking anything on the Desert Wolf, Stiles stumbled upon the Dead Pool.

⦿ The Dread Doctors and Theo Raeken show up in Beacon Hills and the pack starts to disintegrate. Mostly due to the stress of fighting the Dread Doctors and the manipulations of Theo. Stiles had warned Scott about Theo. That he didn't trust him, but his words fell on deaf ears.

Donovan Donati attacked Stiles at the high school and Stiles ended up killing Donovan in self-defense. The guilt of it just made him even more estranged from Scott and the others.

After learning of Theo's schemes and the revival of a creature known as La Bête du Gévaudan, Stiles reconciled with Scott and they get the pack back together again before being able to defeat Theo, the Beast, and the Desert Wolf.

⦿ During their Senior year of high school, the Ghost Riders came to Beacon Hills. They abducted people and erased them from existence. Stiles ends up getting taken and erased from everyone's memories. Even though he was trapped in the phantom train station, he did anything and everything possible to get Scott and the other to help him get free. After a while, a rift was opened (thanks to Scott, Malia, and Lydia) and he was able to get out of the station. He helped the others fight off the Ghost Riders, who had been led by Garrett Douglas.

⦿ After everything went back to normal in Beacon Hill, Stiles and everyone else graduated high school. Stiles ended up giving Scott his jeep and left Beacon Hills to go to school in the pre-FBI program.

Sep. 4th, 2018

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